The ongoing development of energy research policy in response to the changing situation necessitates wide-ranging and detailed orientational knowledge. In view of this, funding is going to research projects which methodically study potential developmental paths of the energy system and analyse their effects.

The "En:SYS - systems analysis for energy research" funding priority supports methodical and analytical work on the future design of the energy system. Here, an important role is played by quantitative models which simulate potential developments in the energy system and the technologies used for this in terms of the overall economy.

The range of topics funded extends from engineering to economic, social sciences, mathematical and IT research work.

The Systems Analysis Research Network (in German language), which was set up in 2015, promotes cooperation and dialogue between the research stakeholders. The research network aims not least to make research activities more transparent, to promote the transfer of research into applications and to foster quality assurance.

Strategically important funding areas

  • Substantive/thematic analyses (e.g. on storage, grids, electric mobility, technology evaluation, technology acceptance, impediments)
  • Methodological development of existing and new energy models (e.g. mathematical and IT processes, coupling of energy sources, uncertainties)
  • Data base and coherence of models (e.g. quality assurance, assessment of data sources, reference data set, model validation)