Energy Storage

  • Battery level indicator symbolizes energy storage; Source:

    In focus - Energy Storage

    Funding programmes for energy storage

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  • Heat storage,  symbolic of storage technology; Source: DLR (CC-By-3.0)

    In focus - Energy Storage

    Storage Technology

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  • Solaranlage zum Thema Erneuerbare Energien; Source:

    Topic - Renewable Energy

    For a future of green energy

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  • Offshore wind farm; Source: ABB

    Topic - The Energy Transition

    Ready for the next phase of the energy transition

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  • Coal, symbolic of Conventional Energy Sources; Source: mauritius images/Cultura

    Topic - Conventional Energy Sources

    Key factors for a secure energy supply

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  • Glasses and documents; Source:

    In focus - Energy Research

    Research findings

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  • Arbeiter auf Strommast symbolisiert Netze und Netzausbau; Quelle: mauritius images / imageBROKER / Rolf Schulten

    Topic - Grids and Grid Expansion

    An electricity grid for the energy transition

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  • Energy Export Initiative; Source:

    In focus - Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment

    Energy Export Initiative

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  • Distribution system symbolizes the eletrcity market of the future; Quelle: Getty Images/Hans-Peter Merten/The Image Bank

    Topic - Electricity Market of the Future

    Electricity Market of the Future

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  • Combined heat and power generation.

    17/05/2017 - Press release - Electricity Market of the Future

    Press release: The Federal Government is paving the way for auctions for CHP plants and innovative CHP systems and for joint auctions for onshore wind and solar installations

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