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‘Germany makes it efficient’

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  • Washing machine symbolizes product energy efficiency; Quelle: SusanneB

    Article - Energy Efficiency

    Article: Product Energy Efficiency

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  • Coal, symbolic of Conventional Energy Sources

    Article - Conventional Energy Sources

    Article: Still indispensable for a reliable energy supply

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  • Employee in a company symbolizes economy policy

    Article - Meeting challenges, grasping opportunities

    Article: Boost the economy, safeguard the future

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  • Scaffolded building symbolizes enhancing energy efficiency in buildings; Source:

    Article - Energy Transition in the Building Sector

    Article: Enhancing energy efficiency in buildings

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  • Distribution system symbolizes the eletrcity market of the future

    Article - Electricity Market of the Future

    Article: Electricity Market

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  • Offshore wind farm; Source: ABB

    Article - The Energy Transition

    Article: Our energy transition for an energy supply that is secure, clean, and affordable

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  • Arbeiter auf Strommast symbolisiert Netze und Netzausbau

    Article - Grids and Grid Expansion

    Article: An electricity grid for the energy transition

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  • Unterhaltung von Menschen zum Managerfortbildungsprogramm; Quelle: GIZ

    Article - Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment

    Article: Manager Training Programme

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  • Solar cell

    Article - Energy Research

    Article: 7th Energy Research Programme of the Federal Government

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  • Energy consumption labelling for passenger cars

    Article - Energy Efficiency

    Article: Energy consumption labelling for passenger cars

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