Energy Efficiency


    16/10/2019 - Press release - Energy Efficiency

    Minister Altmaier: “Tax breaks for retrofitting buildings benefit both climate change mitigation and local craft workers and jobs”

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  • Windmill and electricity pylon on the topic of electricity 2030

    24/09/2019 - Press release - Electricity Market of the Future

    State Secretary Feicht: EU Member States need to pull in the same direction to restructure the energy systems

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  • Petrol pump at a petrol station symbolising the topic of fuel prices

    28/06/2019 - News - Energy Efficiency

    New fuel prices and efficiency classes as of July 2019

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  • Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Thomas Bareiß (right) and Deputy Minister for Culture and Tourism Serdar Çam (left)

    11/06/2019 - Press release - International Cooperation

    Parliamentary State Secretary Bareiß visiting Turkey to hold bilateral talks

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  • Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy

    12/12/2018 - Press release - Grids and Grid Expansion

    Federal Cabinet endorses Act to accelerate the power grid expansion

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  • Thorsten Herdan (Abteilungsleiter „Energiepolitik – Wärme und Effizienz“ im BMWi, 5.v.l.) mit den Gewinnern des Innovationswettbewerbs für energieeffiziente Produkte

    08/11/2018 - Press release - Energy Efficiency

    Bareiß lauds new ideas for energy-efficient products in the innovation competition of the National Top Runner Initiative

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  • Ministers Peter Altmaier and Fatih Dönmez sign a Letter of Intent on cooperation in the field of energy

    26/10/2018 - Press release - European and International Energy Policy

    The German-Turkish Energy Forum: ministers aim to deepen cooperation on renewable energy

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  • Source: BMWi/Susanne Eriksson

    14/08/2018 - Press release - Grids and Grid Expansion

    Minister Altmaier: "The Electricity Grid Action Plan can help deliver a secure and affordable energy transition"

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  • Parliamentary State Secretary Thomas Bareiß (3rd from the left) receives the results report "Technologies for the Energiewende" by scientists from the Wuppertal Institute and the Technical University of Munich.

    25/07/2018 - Press release - Energy Research

    State Secretary Bareiß: “Energy research is an important strategic element for long-term success in the energy transition”

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  • Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier (left) and French Minister for an Ecological and Solidary Transition Nicolas Hulot

    12/07/2018 - Press release - European and International Energy Policy

    Altmaier and Hulot agree joint declaration on Franco-German energy cooperation

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