Cover der Publikation ICT for Electric Mobility

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) control all the key functions in an electric vehicle. They also make it possible to integrate the vehicle into smart energy and transport systems. In this, the third technology programme, the Economic Affairs Ministry is continuing to provide funding until 2021 for the integration of commercial electric vehicles into logistics, energy and mobility infrastructures.

The 21 projects receiving funding are developing things like systems solutions which integrate technologies, services and business models. The intention is not to develop entire vehicles or powertrains, but rather to integrate them into holistic ICT-based logistics, energy management and mobility concepts. The projects are focused on research into logistics, energy and mobility.

This publication provides a summary of the development of the research programme, introduces the subject and presents the metatopics and key fields covered by the programme. The focus is on the 21 projects, each of which is described in brief.