Workers at a plant stand for new orders in the manufacturing sector

© Monty Rakusen/cultura/Corbis

According to the Federal Statistical Office [1], new manufacturing orders fell between June and July by 2.7%. [2] In particular, fewer orders were received from the non-euro zone (-6.7%). Domestic orders fell by 0.5%, whilst foreign orders from the eurozone remained stable at a low level (+0.3%). After a significant number of major orders in the previous month, large-scale orders fell to an average level again in July. Excluding large-scale orders, industrial orders increased by 0.5%.

In the two-month comparison of June/July versus April/May, there was a slight increase in manufacturing orders, which rose by 0.3%. Excluding large-scale orders, manufacturing orders saw a slower rate of decline, i.e. 1.3% compared to -2.0% in May/June.

Overall, new orders in the manufacturing sector were off to a weak start in the third quarter. In view of the still smouldering international trade conflicts and the cautious business expectations in the manufacturing sector, there are no signs suggesting any major improvement in industrial activity in the coming months.


[1] Press release by the Federal Statistical Office of 5 September 2019.
[2] All figures are based on provisional data and have been adjusted for price, calendar day and seasonal factors (X13 JDemetra+ procedure).