Altmaier: „Zukunft made in Germany – Startschuss für europäisches Projekt Cloud-Technologien“

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The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy today selected the first German projects for another joint European project (so-called "Important Project of Common European Interest" – IPCEI) which focuses on cloud technologies. It is the sixth major European project to be successfully launched by Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier. In the past, there have been projects on semiconductor production, battery cell production and hydrogen. For the cloud project, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy invited German industry to submit project ideas for cloud innovations at the beginning of July 2021. Almost 30 project sketches with well over one hundred participating companies were submitted, underlining the high level of interest from industry.

Minister Altmaier said: "German industry wants to regain sovereignty over its data and invest extensively in European cloud solutions and cloud applications. To support businesses in this, we will provide €750 million. Large market players such as SAP, Volkswagen, Siemens, the Schwarz Group and Deutsche Telekom are just as much involved here as many medium-sized companies. This shows quite clearly that providing stimuli to industry enables a future 'made in Germany' and promotes jobs, growth and mitigation of climate change."

Interested companies were able to submit their project outlines until the end of August. The most promising project outlines came from technology and software companies as well as users, for example from the automotive and aviation industries. In addition to well-known industrial companies, many innovative medium-sized companies are also involved. As a next step, the project outlines that have been selected will now go forward into the matchmaking process at European level from 6 October 2021. In this process, project outlines from the twelve Member States currently involved in the project will be combined into an integrated overall project.

Within the scope of the IPCEI Industrial Cloud, the participating Member States will jointly prepare a major technological leap. Cloud technologies are among the central tools used in Industry 4.0. Only a common infrastructure enables industrial users to harness the full potential of data. An open and scalable digital infrastructure must therefore be developed that puts the industrial user at the centre. The project aims to develop energy-saving, highly efficient, automated and interconnected cloud infrastructures and services while ensuring European values such as sovereignty, sustainability and equal treatment. Germany is providing €750 million from the German Recovery and Resilience Plan for this purpose. Implementation of the projects is to begin in the middle of next year and completion is planned for 2026.

Further information about the IPCEI Industrial Cloud can be found here.

An overview of industrial policy support and the various joint European projects can be found in the brochure "Zukunft ‘Made in Germany’: Impulse für die Industrie – für Arbeitsplätze und Klimaschutz" [Future ‘made in Germany’: Stimuli for industry – for jobs and climate change mitigation].