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The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) today agreed to continue their successful cooperation in the field of metrology. Germany and China have already been working together in this field for 40 years. To mark this occasion, a ceremonial event was held in Beijing from 21 to 23 August 2019. The event started with both countries’ agreeing to extend their cooperation for a another five years.

State Secretary Dr Nussbaum said: “Metrology plays an important role in the development of our trade relations. It is part of a well-functioning high-quality infrastructure that is able to create trust and remove barriers to trade. It is beneficial for our export industry when test procedures are standardised and international standards are applied across the board. The cooperation between China and Germany in the field of metrology brings direct benefits to German companies, including manufacturers of scales, explosion protection equipment, and thermometers. These companies are highly successful on the Chinese market. Metrology is a practical example of how international cooperation is worthwhile for everyone involved. The Federal Government is consistently pursuing this path.”

In the field of science and technology, our cooperation is mainly supported by the German National Metrology Institute (PTB). The President of PTB, Professor Joachim Ullrich, commended the good cooperation with the partner institution in China, the National Metrology Institute (NIM). He said: “There has been remarkable progress in the field of metrology in China, which is not least due to the long-standing support provided by the PTB. Both metrology institutes are working together on an equal footing and this work is helping both nations to benefit from industrial developments and innovations that are built to the highest level of metrological precision”.

A milestone of this cooperation was the joint work on the revision of the International System of Units. More specifically, NIM was involved in the Avogadro project led by the PTB, which focussed on redefining the kilogram and provided a high-precision value for the Boltzmann constant, in particular. The new definitions of the International System of Units have been in force since 20 May 2019. Further information can be found on the PTB website.