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Minister Altmaier is speaking today at the celebrations in Brussels marking the 125th anniversary of the German-Belgian-Luxembourg (debelux) Chamber of Commerce.

Federal Minister Altmaier said: Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg are founding members of the European Union and have been close partners and friends for decades – in the business sector and beyond. One main reason why our three countries work together so closely and successfully is the commitment displayed by the debelux Chamber of Commerce. This chamber and its predecessors have been helping German, Belgian and Luxembourg companies to build up their business relations for 125 years, and laid the foundation stone for the global success of Germany’s network of chambers of commerce. In view of new global trends and challenges, it is now important to expand the close cooperation between our countries – for example in the context of a modern European industrial policy and joint European projects to manufacture battery cells.”

The debelux Chamber of Commerce is the oldest chamber in the network of German chambers of commerce around the world funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The network now consists of 140 establishments in 92 countries.

Foreign trade between Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg is steadily increasing – in 2018, sales amounted to around €90.5 billion between Germany and Belgium, and to around €9.5 billion between Germany and Luxembourg. There are innumerable examples of specific cooperation.