Measuring efficiency

© BMWi/Maria Parussel

The Federal Cabinet today adopted the 2018 Federal Report on Energy Research, which was submitted by Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy. The report gives a comprehensive overview of the Federal Government's energy research promotion policy and of the funding by the Länder and in the context of the EU research policy in the energy sector. Progress made and current trends in the field of research promotion for modern energy technologies are presented in the report in a transparent manner.

Federal Minister Altmaier said: “By funding energy research, the Federal Government makes a vital contribution towards implementing the energy transition. New research topics are addressing key fields of the energy transition, such as forward looking solutions for the energy transition in the transport sector via synthetic fuels, or research projects on energy supply for urban neighbourhoods. Our energy research is safeguarding the strong position of German companies, especially SMEs, and of research institutes in the energy sector, and is boosting the research community in Germany

In 2017, the Federal Government spent more than a billion euros on research and the development and demonstration of modern technologies for the energy transition. The funding volume thus again rose compared with the preceding year. The largest proportion of the funds (around 80%) was invested in research on renewable energy and energy efficiency. This shows the significance of innovations for the successful transformation of the energy system. The figures for project funding cited in this report are published at EnArgus (in German), the Economic Affairs Ministry’s central energy research information system, where they are set out in a transparent and easy-to-understand manner.

The Federal Government will present a new energy research programme in September 2018. This was preceded by a broad consultation process held by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in 2017.