Start der 14. TTIP-Verhandlungsrunde


The Competitiveness Council in Brussels on 28 May 2018 is focussing on the negotiations on the proposal for a Regulation on the mutual recognition of goods. This is to further strengthen free movement of goods in the internal market.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier said: "Free movement of goods is one of the pillars of the single market. The proposal for the Regulation contributes to simplifying cross-border trade in goods in the EU internal market. This is good for consumers and also benefits German businesses."

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy welcomes the proposal and the progress that has been made in the negotiations on this proposal for a Regulation. From the Ministry's viewpoint, it is important that the declaration will not result in a restriction of the competences of the Member States regarding the examination of goods to guarantee the enforcement of public interests, including safety interests. During the negotiations, the Council succeeded in finding solutions that safeguard both the competences of the Member States to control themselves goods and the positive impact of the declaration on businesses.

The discussion on the important issue of artificial intelligence (AI) is to focus on the Communication "Artificial Intelligence for Europe" (COM(2018) 237 final), which was published by the European Commission on 25 April 2018. The Communication includes a number of measures with the aim to develop the potential offered by AI in the interest of EU inhabitants and to increase the level of competitiveness in Europe.

Federal Minister Altmaier stated: "We took note with great interest of the Commission's proposals. The Federal Government is also very interested in strengthening the measures in the field of AI. The Coalition Agreement contains several aspects on this issue, including a national AI strategy and closer cooperation with our European neighbours."

Furthermore, the Member States are expected to discuss the impact of the internal market on the competitiveness of EU businesses, and in particular on European industry. In addition, an initial discussion will take place on the proposal for a Regulation on platform-to-business relations that was recently submitted by the Commission.