Wind turbine behind photovoltaic system


The Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency) today awarded the funding in the first joint auction for onshore wind energy installations and solar plants. The amount of capacity up for auction was 200 MW. 32 funding awards were made to bids – all for solar power - totalling 210 megawatts. The bids received for onshore wind turbines were not successful. The average, quantitatively weighted, level of funding awarded is 4.67 ct/kWh. In the last auction for solar plants only, the figure was 4.33 ct/kWh.

Parliamentary State Secretary Thomas Bareiß commented: “The auction is an important instrument for achieving cost efficiency. The result of this joint auction shows that solar energy is currently very competitive in Germany. Overall, we need a balanced mix of renewable generation technologies.”

The 2017 Renewable Energy Sources Act laid the foundation for the pilot project created for joint auctions. Two joint auctions for 200 MW of combined capacity are held each year. Further information about the outcome can be found on the website of the Federal Network Agency at