Federal Minister Brigitte Zypries and the wirter of the manifesto "Starke Frauen, starke Wirtschaft": Tijen Onaran, Sabine Gillessen, Isabel Rohner, Stephanie Bschorr Enlarge

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Brigitte Zypries, the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs has presented a manifesto for “Women in Business” (in german). The minister wrote the manifesto in cooperation with Stephanie Bschorr, Sabine Gillessen, Tijen Onaran and Isabel Rohner who are all committed to promoting women in business. The idea is based on informal discussions at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy between Minister Zypries and 300 women.

Economic Affairs Minister Brigitte Zypries said: “I meet strong, competent women every day – when I visit companies or participate in events and round table discussions. However, only a few women work in the boardrooms of German companies. Lack of confidence cannot be a reason for the fact that in 2017 we still have no woman at the top of one of the 30 DAX companies. Women are also still underrepresented as start-up entrepreneurs. Women are a significant economic factor and promoting them therefore makes economic sense. Germany cannot afford to do without well-educated women. The manifesto is an appeal to policy-makers to push forward the issue of “Women in Business”, to businesses and to women themselves.”

Only around one in four supervisory board members of listed German companies is a woman, and 85% of executive board members are men. And only one in three companies is founded by a woman. Even fewer women are likely to found growth-oriented technology start-ups. Women are also underrepresented at management level in public administration.

The manifesto identifies various fields of action to further strengthen women in business. At the same time, it underscores the importance of strong women in business and their role in creating added value for Germany’s economy. The manifesto sums up the guiding principles for the future and should serve as a basis for discussion.

The manifesto’s title is “#StarkeFrauenStarkeWirtschaft” - a hashtag the minister already used before to promote the visibility of women in business.

For further information, go to www.starkefrauenstarkewirtschaft.de

Women and men can express their support for the manifesto.