Transatlantic Energy Transition Dialogue - State Secretary Rainer Baake visiting the U.S.


Matthias Machnig, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, will travel to the U.S. from 17 to 23 September, where he will visit Washington D.C., Chicago and Detroit. He will use the trip to meet with high-ranking U.S. officials, including U.S. President Donald Trump’s economic policy advisors, representatives from the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Treasury, and the U.S. Trade Commissioner to discuss issues of free trade and U.S. trade deficits, as well as questions of the U.S. sanctions policy. The Minister’s visit is taking place on the occasion of the regular Informal Commercial Exchange (ICE) between the Federal Economic Affairs Ministry and the Department of Commerce, which last took place in Berlin on 27 April 2017.

State Secretary Machnig said:  "Cooperation and close exchange with the U.S. are very important. I will try to make this clear at the Federal and State level during my visit to the United States. Both, the U.S. and Germany benefit from our strong transatlantic trade and investment relations. In view of the forthcoming WTO round of negotiations, which will be held in Buenos Aires at the end of this year, we are clearly speaking up for trade and against protectionism. Strategic cooperation between Europe and the U.S. is of key importance in many areas. We will only be able to meet global challenges if Europe and the U.S. work together, rather than seeking to take unilateral action."

Federal Minister Brigitte Zypries and U.S. Secretary of State Wilbur Ross had agreed to further intensify the cooperation between their ministries.  The economic policy consultations which will be held within the scope of the Informal Commercial Exchange will focus on trade, digital policy and cooperation.

The State Secretary’s visits to Detroit and Chicago will be used for talks with German companies on the investment conditions and economic situation in Illinois and Michigan.

Following visits by Minister Zypries to South Carolina, California and Massachusetts in May this year, the State Secretary’s travel agenda now includes two other important federal states – Illinois and Michigan – where there are major inflows of German direct investment.