Solar plants

© BMWi/Holger Vonderlind

Around 90 percent of those who were awarded funding in the second auction for ground-mounted PV installations in August 2015 have actually constructed installations. This is the result of the Federal Network Agency's analysis of the realisation rate of the photovoltaic pilot auction. The deadline by which operators had to submit proof of implementation was 21 August 2017. The funding rate of the second round was 8.49 ct/kWh.

State Secretary Baake said: "I am delighted that around 90 percent of the projects that were awarded funding in the second auction round for ground-mounted photovoltaic installations have actually been realised. This shows that auctions and a high realisation rate are not a contradiction. It provides confirmation that the paradigm shift introduced with the 2017 Renewable Energy Sources Act is the right way forward."

A total of 33 funding entitlements were issued in the second round. Projects covering 142 MW have been realised. Four projects awarded funding were not realised. Fines are now payable for these projects and will be paid into the EEG account. Together with the first auction round, the realisation rate is 95 percent.

Like in the first auction, project developers again made use of the possibility to realise installations with the funding on different sites than planned when they submitted their bids. This applied to 37 percent of the capacity (53 MW out of 142 MW). The funding for these projects is 0.3 ct/kWh lower. The average realisation period for the installations amounts to slightly more than 15 months.

In 2015, a total of three auction rounds for ground-mounted PV installations were carried out by the Federal Network Agency. All the three auction rounds with a total volume of 500 MW were characterised by a high level of competition. In each round, the volume up for auction was considerably oversubscribed. Prices fell from round to round, starting with 9.17 ct/kWh to the current 5.66 ct/kWh, which was reached in June 2017. The realisation deadline for the third auction round will be announced in December.

The next bid deadline for solar installations is 1 October 2017.

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