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Almost one in two companies considers the lack of skilled workers as being a threat for its economic development. In fact, it has become the number one business risk. Today, small and medium-sized businesses are losing out on almost 50 billion euros in sales every year because of the shortage of skilled workers. The experts that companies are searching for the most are IT specialists, mathematicians and natural scientists. In May 2017, there was a shortage of 248,600 skilled workers on the market. This is why the Federal Economic Affairs Ministry has set up the central information portal “Make it in Germany” in a bid to attract skilled workers from all over the world to live and work in Germany. Since June 2012, more than 12 million users from over 200 countries have already visited the site.

Commissioner for SMEs Iris Gleicke said: “Everybody is talking about the lack of skilled labour - and so are we! Because it is true that this shortage may seriously jeopardise the competitiveness and innovative capacity of our small and medium-sized enterprises. Many sectors and regions are desperately seeking skilled workers as we speak. We need well-trained specialists not only from Germany, but also from abroad. For the past five years, our portal has been successfully promoting Germany as an attractive country to live and work and a place where people can build a successful and happy life. Just as our slogan says: Make it in Germany.”

Today, “Make it in Germany” is the key access route to Germany for international specialists. The portal is available in four languages - German, English, Spanish and French - and it is linked to over 200 domestic and 140 foreign institutions. Some 90% of all clicks come from abroad - mainly from India, the U.S., Vietnam, Russia, Mexico and the UK. The portal provides skilled workers with information, for example on visas, job offers and the German economy and its industries. Additional information is provided via an app and Twitter.

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