At their meeting in Brussels on 11 May, the EU Trade Ministers reached agreement on a new method that is to be used in line with the EU Antidumping Regulation to calculate the extent to which dumping is taking place.

Said State Secretary Machnig: "Today's decision by the Council marks a very important step within our economic and foreign-trade policy.We have agreed on a new method to be used to calculate the extent to which dumping is taking place, a method that is in line with WTO rules. At the same time, this will also render our trade defence instruments more powerful against distortions in international trade. So it's good news for our industry in Germany and Europe, for the WTO, and for our trading partners outside the EU. Now it's the job of the European Parliament to also adopt a position."

The decision by the Trade Ministers also sends an important signal to our non-EU trading partners, such as China. The new method is phrased in a country-neutral way and no longer explicitly qualifies China as being a non-market economy under EU antidumping law. The European Commission has highlighted time and again that care has been taken to ensure that the new method, which will be used in cases where a trading partner's actions fail to meet the standards of a market economy, will not produce outcomes that are significantly different when it comes to calculating the extent to which dumping has taken place. This means that it will still be possible for the EU to take effective action against dumping, so as to protect the interests of European and German industry.