Minister Zypries debates the future of the European Union with students and young professionals

Minister Zypries joins with young people to discuss the future of the EU

© BMWi/Susanne Eriksson

In the run-up to Europe Day, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Brigitte Zypries invited a group of young people to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy for a dialogue session entitled ‘Europe is the future – what do the young generations expect from the European Union’? The Minister convened the meeting on 8 May to engage in close dialogue with students and young people who have just started out in their jobs and to ask them about their expectations for their own future and for the future of the European Union.

Said Minister Zypries: We need to provide young people with opportunities and prospects for their future. This means that we need to work together to build a European Union that can meet the challenges of the future. In order for this to be the case, we need to focus on values, growth, prosperity and fostering inclusion. We need our economic policy to deliver tangible results on digitisation, investment, growth and employment. Europe needs to remain flexible, and, at the same time, develop a joint vision.”

Young Europeans today see the EU more as an economic partnership rather than a partnership that is based on shared values. Even though the EU, through all its achievements, has brought peace, freedom, prosperity and cultural diversity to the continent, its future is repeatedly called into question. The national tendencies we are currently witnessing in some of the Member States and the Brexit are just two examples highlighting that, among the EU’s citizens, there are a wide range of different views towards this idea of a community that is based on shared values. This means that as we continue to develop the EU, we need to bring it closer to the people, particularly to the young generations.