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Today, the Federal Network Agency in Magdeburg is launching a series of application conferences on the two major power lines "SuedostLink" and "SuedLink". This is the start of the formal federal planning procedure. Both power lines (called HVDC lines) are required to transport the renewable electricity produced in North Germany to the consumption centres in southern Germany. The Federal Network Agency is the competent authority. The application conferences are the first stage of the federal planning procedure. The first application conference on “SuedostLink” starts today in Magdeburg. A series of further application conferences regarding different power line sections of “SuedLink” and “SuedOstLink” are to be held until mid-July. The application conferences ensure broad public participation at an early stage of planning.

State Secretary Baake said: "I welcome the fact that the Federal Network Agency has scheduled the application conferences regarding the important SuedLink and SuedOstLink power lines so promptly. This has enabled a quick start of formal planning procedures. The goal is to find the most compatible corridors both for people and the environment. All interested parties, inclusing the general public, are invited to contribute to the individual procedures in a constructive way.”

To support the planned projects, the application conferences aim at collecting information on regional circumstances as early as possible, not only from public-sector bodies, but from the interested public in general. Both the proposed corridor presented by the parties responsible for the project and the alternatives in question are to be discussed. The need for the project was thoroughly reviewed and confirmed by the Bundestag and the Bundesrat (start and end points). In addition to the proposed power line corridors, other alternatives which have not yet been discussed can be considered at the application conferences.

Based on the results of the application conferences, the Federal Network Agency will establish the scope of federal planning investigations (corridor route search) and will determine the documentation to be submitted by the grid operators for the purpose of further procedures and verification steps to be implemented in the federal planning process.

The first application conference regarding the "SuedOstLink" is being held today, 3 May 2017, at the AMO Kulturhaus in Magdeburg. The first application conference regarding the "SuedLink" is scheduled for 9 May 2017 at the Ilmenau (Thuringia) festival hall. Further application conferences regarding the individual sections of the two projects will take place between May and mid-July. Eleven application conferences at different venues are currently planned for the SuedLink project and six for the SuedOstLink project. To find the exact dates and venues, please go to the website of the Federal Network Agency.

The first concern of the federal planning process is to define the power line corridors, which are generally between 500 and 1000 meters wide. The exact route of SuedLink and SuedOstLink will be determined in the plan approval procedures starting in 2018/2019 and on the basis of the established power line corridors. Both projects are to be operational by 2025 at the latest.