energylabel for agreement on revised energy efficiency label


Agreement on a revised energy efficiency label was reached yesterday at EU level as a result of a 'trilogue' negotiation between representatives of the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council. The European Parliament and the Council must now formally approve the Commission proposal of the Regulation in the second reading. The legislative package is expected to enter into force in mid-2017. The energy efficiency label with the colour scale ranging from green (= very efficient) to red (= very inefficient) was introduced 20 years ago; it covers more than 16 products, including traditional household appliances, TV sets and boilers.

State Secretary Baake said: "I very much welcome the agreement reached as a result of the trilogue negotiation. The energy efficiency label is an important instrument that helps consumers make better informed purchasing choices and opt for energy-saving appliances. Surveys show that 85% of European citizens look at energy efficiency labels when they purchase products. Therefore it is good that we will remove the confusing labelling with too many + classes and return to the clear and easy-to-understand A to G scale."

The revised Energy Efficiency Labelling Regulation will stipulate the procedure and the deadlines for the transition from the A+ to A+++ labels to the new A to G labels. A product database will be introduced to better inform consumers and market surveillance authorities about the labelled products.

In the preceding Council negotiations, Germany successfully called for a clear and meaningful energy efficiency label.

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