Kabinett verabschiedet Marktstammdatenverordnung; Quelle: iStockphoto.com/picha

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At the proposal of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the federal cabinet today adopted the ordinance on the core market data register. The ordinance creates the legal basis for the establishment and operation of a core market data register of energy industry data. The core market data register is an instrument that anyone can use, covering the main players in the electricity and gas sectors and thus serving the energy market as a whole. For the first time, the register covers all generation installations – new and existing ones, installations to generate electricity from renewable and conventional energy, from electricity and gas – as well as certain consumption facilities and the facility operators.

State Secretary Rainer Baake from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy said: “The core market data register serves to improve the data situation and transparency in the energy sector. Amongst other benefits, this will facilitate monitoring. In addition, it is intended to help reduce bureaucracy, because parallel reporting requirements are being replaced or simplified.”

The core market data register is to come fully into operation on 1 July 2017.
The Federal Network Agency will operate the core market data register as an online database.