Pylons and a wind turbine symbolising energy

© BMWi/Holger Vonderlind

Rainer Baake, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, is attending the Energy Ministers' Council in Brussels today on behalf of the German federal government. Today's meeting provides a first opportunity to exchange views on the legislative package 'Clean Energy for all Europeans', which was presented by the Commission on 30 November 2016. The consultations focus on the European Commission's proposals on the electricity market design, renewable energies and governance.

State Secretary Rainer Baake said: "The comprehensive package submitted by the European Commission plays a key role for the implementation of the Energy Union and will contribute considerably to the energy transition both in Europe and in Germany. The proposals will help to better coordinate the energy policies of the individual Member States and to make Europe more modern, innovative and thus stronger. I very much welcome the fact that the Commission intends to adjust the electricity market design to take account of the rising share of renewable energies on the markets, as Germany has already done in its electricity market 2.0. And it is right that free price formation should serve as the pacemaker. I believe that it is particularly important that we get the puplic in Europe on board when it comes to implementing the package. All politically relevant decisions must be taken by the Council or the European Parliament – they must not be dealt with merely at the level of technical processes or decisions on individual competition cases."

State Secretary Baake underlined that the Commission's proposals on the funding of renewable energies were "inadequate": they have to be amended to achieve more convergence of European funding systems and the legal certainty that investors need. However, Rainer Baake welcomed the fact that the Commission is taking the implementation of the EU 2030 targets for renewable energies and energy efficiency seriously and that it is adopting initial rules in the event that the voluntary contributions of the Member States are not sufficient. He felt that the Commission proposals need to be specified in more detail, but they are a good basis for further negotiations.

The legislative package 'Clean Energy for all Europeans' comprises four Directives and four Regulations, including a proposal on better coordinating the national energy policies by means of harmonised national climate and energy plans ('Energy Union Governance Regulation'), a revised Energy Efficiency Directive, the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, a recast of the Renewable Energy Directive and a new European electricity market design.

At today's Energy Ministers' Council, the European Commission will also present its Second Report on the State of the Energy Union, which was published on 1 February 2017.