Gabriel meets with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau; source: picture alliance/AP Photo

Gabriel meets with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau

© picture alliance/AP Photo

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Sigmar Gabriel, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, met in Montreal today. They discussed the solid relations that exist between Canada and Germany on the basis of shared values and a commitment to a progressive form of trade which benefits both the business sector and the consumers and employees of both countries.

Both sides welcomed the fact that Canada and the EU are working towards a signing of the CETA agreement next month. They agreed that CETA is the expression of a shared commitment to a modern, progressive trade policy which contributes to growth, employment and new possibilities for the people in Canada and Europe, and that:

  • modern trade agreements should be characterised by predictable rules and standards, a high level of protection for consumers, employees and the environment, and protection for public services.
  • it is crucial to improve transparency and the ethics of dispute-settlement procedures in investment protection and at the same time to stress the right of national parliaments to regulate.

Federal Minister Gabriel welcomed the fact that the new Canadian government has strengthened CETA in these areas and has developed an investment protection system with the EU which can become the benchmark for international investment rules.

Trudeau and Gabriel also discussed the value of looking into further proposals building on CETA in the fields of investment protection, workers' rights, public services and procurement. They both support the work being undertaken by Canadas trade minister and the EU trade commissioner to strengthen the progressive elements of CETA with a view to a joint declaration with legal status providing certain clarifications.