The flags of Canada and the European Union


The European Commission has made a formal proposal to the Council that CETA should be concluded as a mixed agreement.

Minister Gabriel greatly welcomes the Commission's proposal. "CETA is a good and important agreement which will deepen economic relations between the EU and Canada. Because it sets high standards, it will make a significant contribution towards shaping globalisation. It is right and proper to include the national parliaments in the ratification process. I have always underlined this point, and am glad that the Commission has now established the basis for this to happen. I want to see the Bundestag debate CETA and adopt a position on it before the Council takes its decision."

In recent days, there has been an intensive debate about the question as to whether CETA is a mixed agreement, and therefore needs also to be ratified by the national parliaments. The German government has consistently taken the view that CETA includes aspects which fall within the competence of the Member States, and that CETA is therefore a mixed agreement. This is particularly true of investment protection.

The Council will now discuss the proposal presented today by the European Commission. The aim is for the Council to take a decision on signing CETA in the autumn. This will be followed by the approval process in the European Parliament.