Economic Affairs Ministry launches hearing of Länder and associations on the Cross-Border Renewable Energy Ordinance; source: BMWi/Maria Parussel Enlarge

© BMWi/Maria Parussel

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has launched the hearing of the Länder and the associations on the Cross-Border Renewable Energy Ordinance. The 2014 Renewable Energy Sources Act states that from 2017, 5 per cent of new renewables capacity to be installed each year will be opened up to installations in other European Member States. The ordinance starts by implementing this in the pilot auctions for ground-mounted PV installations. The ordinance is also intended to help anchor the energy transition on a cross-border basis and to result in increasing harmonisation of funding systems for renewable energy in the EU.

For foreign installations to receive funding under the Renewable Energy Sources Act, the principle of reciprocity must be observed. This means that installations in a different Member State can only receive funding under the German Renewable Energy Sources Act if the other Member State also opens up its national auctions for installations in Germany. The second precondition is the "physical import", i.e. the electricity from the installations receiving funding from Germany must actually be able to reach Germany. The third precondition is an agreement under international law between the Member States which implements the details of the cooperation.

The ordinance is to enter into force in the second quarter of 2016. Initial pilot projects are planned for 2016, and are currently being negotiated with the partner countries. Based on the lessons learned from implementing the concept for opening up pilot auctions for ground-mounted PV installations, auctions for other renewables technologies are to be opened up from 2017 onwards.