f.l.t.r: Rainer Bomba (State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Transport), Rainer Baake (State Secretary, BMWi), Peter Altmaier (Head of the Federal Chancellery), Jürgen Trittin, Matthias Platzeck und Ole von Beust; source: Bundesregierung/Guido Bergmann

© Bundesregierung/Guido Bergmann

The three chairs of the Commission to Review the Financing for the Phase-out of Nuclear Energy, Ole von Beust, Matthias Platzeck and Jürgen Trittin, today presented their recommendations to the State Secretaries' Committee on Nuclear Energy. The Commission adopted its stance unanimously.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Sigmar Gabriel said: "I am glad that the Commission was able to bring its work to a successful conclusion today and would like to thank all its members. The Federal Government will now carefully examine the report and then implement the necessary measures."

The Federal Government had taken a decision in cabinet on 14 October 2015 to set up the Commission as an independent commission of experts. This expert commission was tasked with drawing up recommendations as to how to organise the financing for the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear power plants and for the disposal of nuclear waste in such a way that the companies responsible for this will be capable of meeting their obligations in the nuclear field on a long-term economic basis.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy will now examine the report and, together with the other relevant federal ministries, clarify the steps to be taken to implement the recommendations.

You can find the independent Commission's report here (PDF: 969 KB) and the summary here (PDF: 101 KB).