Flags of the EU and the US concerning TTIP-negotiation; Source: colourbox.de

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The negotiators for the EU and the U.S. are convening in New York from 25 to 29 April to hold the 13th round of negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

The round of negotiations covers a broad range of topics, and the negotiations will be resumed in all fields. Important topics include matters relating to market access, e.g. in the services sector, regulatory issues and rules on technical trade barriers. The negotiations on transparent, modern investment protection as provided for in the free trade agreement with Canada (CETA), will be continued. The chapters on sustainability and on small and medium-sized enterprises as well as matters regarding simplified customs procedures and trade facilitation will also play an important role.

The negotiators for the EU and the U.S. aim to conclude the negotiations on the agreement during the term of office of President Barack Obama. Substantial progress needs to be made in the coming rounds of negotiations to reach this objective. However, a good and balanced agreement has priority: quality takes priority over speed.

For more information on TTIP, please visit: www.bmwi.bund.de.