State Secretary Baake comments on EU proposals on energy supply security and energy efficiency; source: Enlarge


The European Commission today presented its energy security package for Europe. The package comprises the review of the Security of Gas Supply Regulation, a liquified natural gas (LNG) and gas storage strategy and the implementation of the energy transition in the European heating and cooling market. In addition, the Commission suggests to review the decision on intergovernmental agreements on energy signed by its Member States with third countries.

State Secretary Rainer Baake said: "The European Commission's winter package addresses the important issue of security of supply in the European Union. In my view, the major aspects include a functioning internal market, more energy efficiency, a diversification of energy sources, supply countries and supply routes and the consistent expansion of renewable energies. Therefore it is right and important that the Commission is pursuing a market-based approach to gas crisis prevention. Regional cooperation is becoming more and more important not only in the field of electicity, but also in the gas sector. In this context, we must identify types of cooperation that are fit for purpose, reflect the market realities in Europe and actually improve Europe's gas security. As regards the heating and cooling market, the European Commission is right to underline the need for both increased energy efficiency and the expansion of renewables, since the most efficient solutions cannot be found without implementing the two aspects."

The heating and cooling market will also play a key role for the review of the Energy Efficiency Directive, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the Renewable Energies Directive by the end of this year. Finally, the European Commission points out the significance of communication and the exchange of views with the major players in the heating and cooling market and calls upon the Member States to make more efforts in these areas.