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Rainer Baake, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, is visiting Tunis on 15-16 December 2015. He will co-chair the meeting of the steering committee of the German-Tunisian Energy Partnership together with Tunisia's Industry Minister Zakaria Hamad. State Secretary Baake will also open the 5th German-Tunisian Energy Day on the morning of 16 December.

State Secretary Baake underlined: "We want to support Tunisia on its path towards a sustainable energy system. A stable and efficient legal framework for the promotion of renewable energies is a key success factor. At the same time, electricity generation should increasingly become more flexible to offset the weather-related fluctuations of wind and solar power. In addition, energy consumption should be reduced thanks to higher energy efficiency. In this context, Germany can provide support due to its long-term experience and the expertise of its technology companies. The German-Tunisian Energy Partnership is the major platform for dialogue and cooperation with our Tunisian partners. The dynamic development in the last few years encourages us to continue our commitment."

Tunisia plans to generate 30% of its electricity on the basis of renewable energies by 2030. The energy supply in Tunisia has so far been based primarily on fossil fuels. Rising energy imports and subsidies in the energy sector, however, are placing an increasing financial burden on the country. In 2015, Tunisia adopted a renewable energy sources law to tackle these challenges. In the context of the German-Tunisian Energy Partnership, which was launched in 2012, the German federal government is helping Tunisia to reach its renewables targets.

The German-Tunisian Energy Partnership was established in 2012 at ministerial level. The cooperation at expert level takes place in thematic working groups involving government and industry representatives from both sides. They deal with a broad spectrum of energy-policy issues. The permanent Secretariat of the German-Tunisian Energy Partnership is located in Tunis.