More than 60 experts from commerce, science and government met today in the "Research and Innovation" platform at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. It is one of the five platforms set up to ensure the early involvement of groups in society in policy development for central aspects of the energy transition.

State Secretary Baake said: "The integration of growing shares of intermittent renewable energy in our electricity systems and a more efficient use of energy are major challenges. A key role is being played by findings from research and development - some of which have already come onto the market - and this will remain the case as we tackle the challenges."

The platform is advising the Economic Affairs Ministry on questions of research and innovation, and is fostering the dialogue with the business and scientific communities. With a view to the rapid market launch of new technologies and innovative procedures, the aim is to pinpoint how the various research activities in Germany can become better networked and used more effectively. The 6th Energy Research Programme sets out the goals, guidelines and priorities of the funding policy. Last year, the Federal Government provided approx. €820m for energy research; that represents more than a doubling of the allocation over the last ten years. Some three-quarters of this has gone into energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

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