No direct impact on German citizens is expected during the negotiation period. The United Kingdom will remain a full member of the EU (except for discussions on its withdrawal) and part of the European internal market until it officially leaves the EU.

This means, for instance, that the fundamental freedoms of the European internal market (feedom of movement, freedom of establishment, free movement of services and capital) will continue to apply during the withdrawal negotiations. The United Kingdom must observe EU law (e.g. the EU Treaties, Directives and Regulations) and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. Furthermore, it must not adopt any rules that are not in line with EU law during this period.

  • What does the outcome of the Brexit referendum mean for German employees in the United Kingdom and for UK employees in Germany?
    During the withdrawal negotiations, German citizens can make further use of the freedom of movement in the EU and live and work in the United Kingdom. The relevant EU provisions continue to apply. The same applies accordingly to UK citizens in Germany.
  • What happens to deposits on accounts in the UK?
    German citizens can still transfer their savings to UK accounts and transfer them back again. The EU rules on a national deposit guarantees system are not affected by the outcome of the Brexit referendum for the time being.
  • How will the outcome of the Brexit referendum impact on German tourists in the United Kingdom?
    Freedom of movement of EU citizens will continue to apply in the United Kingdom during the withdrawal negotiations. German citizens can travel to the United Kingdom for their holidays (and vice versa) just like before. They do not need visas or anything else.