In the future, communication in Industrie 4.0 factories will often be seamless and wireless, enabling employees to interact more efficiently with smart production equipment. This development also opens up new opportunities for reorganising the way we work, for examples, using machines for physically demanding work or introducing more flexible and family-friendly working hours. Industrie 4.0 requires highly skilled staff and places a strong focus on life-long learning and people taking on new job roles. It is therefore important to make sure that our training curricula are meaningful and that we adapt them to new requirements.

Industrie 4.0 is about controlling logistics and production processes in real time – processes that require the exchange of data. In this context, IT and data security are key. IT security architectures and requirements need to be updated and adapted to Industrie 4.0. The challenge is to update existing structures to meet the new requirements and develop solutions for new facilities simultaneously, i.e. to make this ‘principle’ an integral part of corporate culture.