Aerospace Policy: DLR, CC-BY 3.0
Alliance for the "Future of Industry": Getty Images/Jonathan Knowles
CETA: Kyrylyuk
Competition Policy: dpa
Conventional Energy Sources: mauritius images/Cultura
Cutting Red Tape: mauritius images/Wolfgang Filser
Digitisation: Getty Images/Rafe Swan
Economic and Cyclical Development:
Economic Policy: Getty Images/Monty Rakusen
Electric mobility: Getty Images/Lya_Cattel
Electricity Market of the Future: Getty Images/Hans-Peter Merten/The Image Bank
Energy Efficiency: Ute Grabowsky/Photothek/Getty Images
Energy Transition in the Building Sector:
European Economic Policy:
Export Controls for Military Equipment: Getty Images/Fabian Wentzel
Export initiatives: Getty Images/DANNY HU
Financing for start-ups and SMEs: Getty Images/Erik Isakson
Funding of SMEs: Getty Images/Emely
Grids and Grid Expansion: mauritius images/imageBROKER/Rolf Schulten
Industrial Policy: mauritius images/Cultura
Industrie 4.0: Getty Images/Bloomberg
Innovation Policy: Getty Images/Andrew Brookes
Internet Policy: dpa
Investment Strategy: Getty Images/Thomas Trutschel
Maritime Industry: Wentzel
The New Länder: Rudi Sebastian
The New Länder – timeline: Rudi Sebastian
Promotion of foreign trade and investment: Getty Images/Yur_Arcurs
Public Procurement: mauritius images/imageBroker/Jochen Tack
Regional Policy: mauritius images/Maximilian Weinzierl/Alamy
Renewable Energy:
Retail Dialogue Platform: Getty Images/Hero Images
Securing of Skilled Labour: Getty Images/altrendo images
Smart Networks Initiative:
SME Policy: mauritius images/ Blossey
The Energy Transition: ABB
The Social Market Economy: Getty Images/Helen King
Trade Policy: Getty Images/querbeet
TTIP: Getty Images/Bernhard Lang
TTIP – timeline: Trifunovic
Tourism Policy: mauritius images/imageBROKER/Hans Blossey
Vocational Training & Profession: Franz Bischof/Laif
Women in Business: Getty Images/Thomas Barwick