The "Young Digital Economy" Advisory Board gives the Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy first-hand advice on current issues of the information and communication industry, and particularly on the development and potential of the young digital economy, new digital technologies in Germany, and on how to provide start-ups with a better environment in which to grow. In view of the dynamic nature of the digital economy, it is flexible and open and offers the German start-up scene a direct and practical dialogue with policy-makers.


The young internet and technology sector is a key sector for the future of Germany's economy. The major innovations in the web economy around the world are sparked off by new, fast-growing IT firms. Germany also has a start-up scene with a lot of potential. It creates highly-qualified and forward-looking jobs, and is a driving force for innovation and growth across large sections of Germany's economy. For this reason, the establishment of a "Young Digital Economy" Advisory Board was announced at the IT summit in Essen on 13 November 2012 as part of the Digital Economy Action Programme, the aim being to strengthen the young digital economy in Germany.


The Board's members are IT entrepreneurs in the start-up scene, representatives of established ICT companies, and investors. They can draw on particular expertise and experience in the field of information and communication technology and have already gained a reputation as experts with profound experience and expertise in the start-up scene. Membership of the Board is a personal honorary office; deputies may not participate.