Germany is one of the most successful exporters in the world. In 2013, the country exported goods worth 1,093.8 billion euros (0.2% less than in 2012). The surplus of exports over imports tallied a record 197.7 billion euros.

Exports of goods accounted for 84.4% of Germany's total external economic activity in 2013, reflecting the efficiency and high performance of the German industrial sector. The share of exports in Germany's most significant export sectors has risen markedly since 1995, providing proof of the enhanced competitiveness of German industrial companies. This is true, for instance, of the mechanical engineering sector, which increased its share of exports from 42.7% to 62% between 1995 and 2013, and of the automotive sector, whose export share rose from 47.7% to 65% over the same period. Altogether, the manufacturing sector sold almost 48% of its output to customers outside Germany.

The world's leading exporters and importers of goods in 2013
(share of worldwide trade in goods)

Share of global exports Share of global imports
China11.8 %US12.4 %
US8.4 %China10.3 %
Germany7.7 %Germany6.3 %
Japan3.8 %Japan4.4 %
Netherlands3.5 %France3.6 %
France 3.1 %UK3.5 %
Korea, Republic3.0 %Hong Kong, China3.3 %
UK2.9 %Netherlands3.1 %
Hong Kong, China2.9 %Korea, Republic2.7 %
Russia2.8 %Italy2.5 %

Source: WTO