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Given the increasing global competition for investors, marketing plays a particularly important role for Germany as a hub for commercial activity and technology. Germany Trade and Invest is in charge of promoting foreign trade and investment as well as of marketing the country to potential investors.

Germany Trade and Invest provides information about the world's markets, and its comprehensive information service offers smaller and medium-sized firms in particular a competent and reliable foundation on which to take the right decisions about how to access these markets. The company has a network of personnel stationed around the world to research information about foreign markets on the spot. This network collaborates closely with Germany's bilateral chambers of commerce.

The information provided by Germany Trade and Invest ranges from descriptions of the economic situation and economic development to sectoral trends, practical business issues, laws and customs rules, investment and development projects, invitations to tender, and requests from foreign companies to do business or co-operate. The organisation has information and contact offices covering more than 120 countries.

The wide range of information from Germany Trade and Invest can be obtained from the internet, brochures and newspapers or via email services. The company also publishes "markets", the foreign trade and investment magazine. An information desk is available to respond to specific questions.

Germany Trade and Invest operates the iXPOS Foreign trade internet portal on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. This ensures transparency in the great diversity of German foreign trade promotion and combines information from more than 70 institutions, organizations and networks.