Campaign EU in my Region

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Discovering Europe on our doorsteps

For the third time, the EU in my Region campaign is giving EU citizens the chance to learn more about projects near them that are funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds. In Germany, citizens across the country can see for themselves in the context of the joint action by all Länder how local EU projects help to strengthen the competitiveness of companies and to improve the quality of life.

On 7 May 2018, the joint kick-off event of all Länder took place in the context of the Europawoche (European Week) in Hanover. The Land Lower Saxony is chairing the Conference of the Länder Ministers for European Affairs until mid-2018. At the joint kick-off event, all Länder presented their best projects. Among these projects, a jury of high-ranking representatives of the Länder selected Germany's "star project" under the motto "Pitch Your Project".

RegioStars Awards 2018: European projects competing with each other

This Europe-wide annual competition highlights the most innovative and inspiring projects funded by the EU and shows how cohesion policy helps people by generating economic growth and creating jobs at regional level using specific, practical examples. The RegioStars Awards aim to encourage and inspire other regions to become active and to make use of the broad range of funding programmes in the context of the EU Funds.

30 years of European cohesion and structural policy

In 2018, Europe is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the European cohesion and structural policy. It has developed from a funding instrument for the economically weakest regions to the central instrument of European economic and employment policy in the European regions and to an important lever for public and private investment throughout Europe.

The objectives of the cohesion policy remain highly relevant. It aims to bridge the gaps in development between the regions. This fundamental role for the strengthening of economic, social and territorial cohesion is to be sustained in the future. The cohesion policy is a clear expression of solidarity between the EU Member States so that entrepreneurs and citizens have a positive picture of Europe at local level.

As a horizontal issue, cohesion policy complements other European policies, including research and innovation, education, employment, energy and the environment, and contributes to reaching the growth and employment objectives agreed upon in these fields.