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The restructuring of Germany's energy supply planned by the government to take place up to 2050 on the basis of high efficiency and the widespread use of renewable energy can only be achieved if there are substantial technological innovations in almost all components of the energy system. For these reasons, energy research is a strategic element of energy and economic policy as we undertake our energy transition. The new orientation of energy policy is thus also resulting in new principles for the Federal Government's energy research policy, particularly regarding applied research.

In view of this, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is bringing together its measures in the field of non-nuclear energy research, and is systematically developing the Sixth Energy Research Programme. This covers the entire energy chain, from energy provision and conversion to transport and distribution, including storage, and its use in various sectors.

The funding goes to research and development projects for renewable energy and energy efficiency in the following fields:

Information on the funding procedure

Details of the funding procedure can be found (in German) in the announcement by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy; the rules entered into force on 1 January 2015.

Information on research projects

The Federal Government supports the processing of findings and targeted dissemination of information in the energy sector, mainly using the BINE Information Service and its various energy research portals. The BINE information service offers several series of brochures and newsletters:

The BINE information service also manages the energy research portals of the  Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and energy:

Research on nuclear safety and final disposal

Further to this, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy also provides funding towards research into nuclear safety and final disposal, which plays a special role due to political requirements.

Energy statistics: Research

Current data on energy research in Germany and internationally can be found under the heading energy data.