Research on the safety of nuclear energy by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy contributes to the high level of safety characterising German nuclear power plants, which is also recognised by other countries. The Ministry determines the state of the art in science and technology in safety assessments. The research projects that are supported provide e. g. calculating tools for the assessment and analysis of processes in nuclear power plants or examine the performance of materials under nuclear power plant conditions. This work also serves to maintain the know-how required in dealing with nuclear technology and radiation protection in medicine, industry and research.

In view of the international trend towards further use of nuclear energy, the Federal Government intends to maintain the know-how required to assess nuclear power plants in neighbouring countries as well as in order to be able to make proposals for their improvement if need be. Research on reactor safety is therefore being increasingly conducted in international cooperation, for example within the framework of the EU (Euratom) and the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency.