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In order to inform the public about its wide range of research activities in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy annually publishes the Federal report on energy research and a “Innovation through Research”. The Federal report on energy research provides information about which projects receive funding under the energy research programme and how much each Ministry spends on them. In addition to this, the report entitled ‘Innovation through Research’ provides detailed information about the technological developments from across the entire range of practice-oriented energy research projects that have received funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

A detailed list on all ongoing individual projects, including technical information, can be found on the site of the Year Book on Research Activities (only in German).

All final reports on our research activities which are focused on technology are stored at the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) in Hannover. You can download the digital version of the final report from this website. The printed version of the report can be obtained through inter-library loan services, which are subject to a fee.

The latest information on energy research is provided by the BINE information service – practice-oriented energy research. The BINE information service offers several series of brochures and newsletters:

The BINE information service also manages the energy research portals of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy: