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The aim is to strengthen the innovative capacities and competitiveness of the German film industry. The German Motion Picture Fund (GMPF) is a stand-alone funding programme of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Funding is provided for innovative film and serial formats with high production costs and expenditure in Germany. This is to create a special incentive for digital film-making in Germany. The funding programme contributes to drawing the international film industry's attention to Germany as a place to realise film and serial formats and to making the country more attractive especially compared with other European countries. At the same time, the funding provided by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy helps strengthen SMEs in the film business and safeguard the quality and diversity of German films.

A study on the economic significance of the film industry in Germany (in German) commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy shows the close link between the film industry and other sectors. Every euro of gross value added generated by the film industry results in €1.6 of value added generated by the German economy as a whole.

Two years after the launch of the German Motion Picture Fund it is clear that the programme is a success. The funding amounting to €10 million for each of the years 2016 and 2017 has been fully used up. The programme is particularly successful in the field of top-class series that can be marketed globally. In 2016, a total of eight projects were supported, including seven serial projects, and in 2017, seven serial projects were funded. The German Motion Picture Fund initiated by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has contributed to establishing Germany as a production location for high-end series. "Babylon Berlin", "Deutschland 86", "You Are Wanted", "Dark", "Berlin Station" and other serial projects that are successful at national and international level would not have been realised in Germany without the GMPF.

In order to provide even more targeted funding to bolster Germany’s innovative capacities and competitiveness as a centre for films and series, the funding guidelines were updated to meet the current needs of innovative digital film-making in Germany. In addition to high-end series and high-budget cinematic films, the GMPF is now also funding high-budget films which are not intended for cinematic release, i.e. video-on-demand films. Funding will also be given to VFX (visual effects) and other digital film operations, with shooting not necessarily having to take place in Germany.

The new guidelines (in German) entered into force on 15 December 2017. The funding programme is managed by the German Federal Film Board (FFA) (in German).

Projects receiving funding in 2018

ProjectGrantProduction companyCo-producers
Counterpart, Series 2EUR 1,800,250.0041. Babelsberg Film GmbHCompany Prime LLC
Dark, Series 2EUR 2,823,694.00Dark Series GmbH
OktoberfestEUR 665,316.00Zeitsprung Pictures GmbH

Projects receiving funding in 2017

ProjectGrantProduction companyCo-producers
Acht TageEUR 1,926,249.83NeueSuper Produktions GmbH-
BeatEUR 1,435,000.00Hellinger / Doll Filmproduktion GmbHWarner Bros. Entertainment GmbH
Berlin Station, Series 2EUR 4,000,000.00Neununddreißigste Babelsberg Film GmbHParamount Overseas Productions Inc.--Incoporated
Berliner HundeEUR 2,260,000.00Syrreal Dogs GmbH
Deutschland 86EUR 1,615,000.00UFA Fiction GmbH-
Geschichte eines ParfumsEUR 1,438,934.00Constantin Filmproduktion GmbH Moovie GmbH
You Are Wanted, Series 2EUR 1,842,792.09Pantaleon FilmWarner Bros. Entertainment GmbH

Projects that received funding in 2016

ProjectGrantProduction companyCo-producers
Berlin Station, Series 1EUR 2,500,000.00Sechsunddreißigste Babelsberg Film GmbHParamount Production Overseas Inc. (USA)
Babylon Berlin, Series 1EUR 4,000,000.00X Filme Creative Pool GmbHBeta Film GmbH, ARD Degeto, Sky
Babylon Berlin, Series 2EUR 2,200,000.00X Filme Creative Pool GmbHBeta Film GmbH, ARD Degeto, Sky
You Are Wanted, Series 1EUR 1,437,584.83Pantaleon FilmsGmbHProduktionsfirmaWarner Bros. Entertainment GmbH
Jim Knopf und Lukas der LokomotivführerEUR 2,500,000.00Rat PackFilmproduktion GmbHMalao Film Inc. (USA), Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH, 26. Babelsberg Film GmbH, Constantin Film Produktion GmbH
DarkEUR 2,500,000.00Dark Series GmbH-
Bad BanksEUR 750,000.00LetterboxFilmproduktion GmbHIris Productions SA (Lux)
MuteEUR 1,000,000.0035. Babelsberg Film GmbHLiberty Films Entertainment Limited (UK)