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Link/Internetadresse: https://lemonone.de
Branche: Sonstige
Gründungsdatum: 21.11.2017
Mitarbeiteranzahl: 12
Datum des Förderbescheids: 07.12.2017
Geschäftskonzept: At lemon one we believe that high-quality pictures have the power to disrupt the online market. Whether it is for real estate, hotels, or food delivery appealing photos create a strong impression on the viewer and will thus increase online sales in all industries. Our mission is to create a mutual benefit for companies and photographers. As a leading company in the European photo business, we draw on a large network and smart processes that effectively match both parties and, therefore, provide the easiest way to book a photographer or fill free capacities online. Thus, photographers have more time to focus on their passion and companies can concentrate on their core business and book their visual content on-demand.