Branche: Neue Medien
Gründungsdatum: 20.08.2018
Mitarbeiteranzahl: 3
Kapitalbedarf (in Euro): 1.500.000
Datum des Förderbescheids: 10.03.2020
Geschäftskonzept: Black One is realizing the ultimate plug and play one-stop ecosystem for top talent in music and is also deemed to be the first modern, integrated entertainment company in the West, like they have so far only existed in South Korea and Asia. Backed by the biggest music center in the world, Funkhaus Berlin, with massive spaces and a leading space branding company, the Dan Pearlman Group, Black One has now assembled all key components and has been dubbed by insiders the future potential "Rocket Internet for Music" and "JYP Entertainment of Europe". Black One has also been picked as one of the first startups by the globally leading German platform neufund.org to run a global equity token offering in Q2-3/2020.