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Link/Internetadresse: https://www.bewind.de
Branche: Energie, Umwelt
Gründungsdatum: 21.10.2019
Mitarbeiteranzahl: 26
Kapitalbedarf (in Euro): 1.000.000
Datum des Förderbescheids: 19.08.2020
Geschäftskonzept: Our passion is the development of highly competitive wind turbines (onshore and offshore), which we develop based on latest know-how, innovative technologies and with leading simulation and modeling software - tailored to the specific customer needs. Our customers benefit from our services in three main aspects: (1) high technological innovation, (2) high development speed, and (3) low investment volume. Bewind combines the experience of system design, manufacturing, logistics, installation, service, and field operation from a wind turbine OEM perspective with an agile and lean corporate setup to achieve the best value for our customers and partners.