Digital Technologies

  • Robot hand symbolizes the topic artificial intelligence

    16/11/2018 - Joint press release - Key Enabling Technologies

    Federal Government adopts Artificial Intelligence Strategy

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  • Network cable on the subject of digital politics

    14/11/2018 - Press release - International Digital Policy

    Minister Altmaier: "European Electronic Communications Code lays foundations for Europe's digital future"

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  • Precise mechanics on the robotic arm in industry

    07/11/2018 - Press release - SMEs – Digital

    Minister Altmaier: “AI is becoming a reality – also in the German Mittelstand”

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  • Fostering Innovation through Public Procurement; Source:

    Article - Innovation Policy

    Article: Fostering Innovation through Public Procurement

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  • Bundeskabinett beschließt Agentur zur Förderung von Sprunginnovationen

    29/08/2018 - Press release - Fostering Innovation

    Federal Cabinet decides to set up agency to promote breakthrough innovations

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  • Source:

    10/08/2018 - Press release - Digitisation

    Higher grants for digitisation in advanced training institutions

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  • Icon image for the monitoring report

    12/06/2018 - Press release - Digitisation

    State Secretary Hirte: “Clear progress on digitalisation of industry”

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  • Section symbols signifying the topic of the EU General Data Protection Regulation

    16/05/2018 - Joint press release - International Digital Policy

    Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community and Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy continue series of meetings on new data protection rules in companies

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  • State Secretary Dr Nussbaum opened international conference „Securing Industrial Value Networks – synchronizing international approaches“

    14/05/2018 - Press release - Industrie 4.0

    State Secretary Dr Nussbaum opened international conference on IT security in Industrie 4.0.

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  • Parliamentary State Secretary Thomas Bareiß at the opening of the first Western Balkans Digital Summit in Skopje on 18 April 2018.

    18/04/2018 - Press release - International Digital Policy

    State Secretary Bareiß opens first Western Balkans Digital Summit

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