Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment

  • Havana, Cuba

    29/10/2018 - Press release - International Cooperation

    Parliamentary State Secretary Bareiß travelling to Cuba – schedule includes talks with government representatives, trade fair visit and opening of a trade and investment promotion office

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  • Skyline of Durban, South Africa for World Economic Forum on Africa

    04/05/2017 - Press release - Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment

    Economic Affairs Minister Zypries presents her Pro! Africa concept for Africa at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Durban

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  • Ankara in Turkey

    25/10/2018 - Press release - International Cooperation

    Altmaier taking business delegation to Turkey to boost relations

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  • 15/10/2018 - Press release - Trade Policy

    Minister Altmaier meets with Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström

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  • Federal Minister Peter Altmaier and Mr Jerzy Kwieciński, Minister of Investment and Economic Development

    05/09/2018 - Press release - European Economic Policy

    Peter Altmaier making first visits as Economic Affairs Minister to Poland and the Netherlands on 5/6 September

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  • Neu Delhi zu internationalen Beziehungen mit Indien

    07/08/2018 - Press release - International Cooperation

    State Secretary Hirte meets government and business representatives in India

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    17/07/2018 - Press release - Free Trade Agreements

    Minister Altmaier: “The Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and Japan is an important signal for free and fair trade.”

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  • Buenos Aires in Argentina

    06/07/2018 - Press release - Fostering Innovation

    Argentina and Germany now team players in promoting innovation

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  • State Secretary Claudia Dörr-Voß (front row, 5th from left) with attendees of the meeting in the Economic Affairs Ministry as part of the 9th Americas Competitiveness Exchange

    27/06/2018 - Press release - International Cooperation

    Altmaier welcomes representatives of more than 20 countries to a transatlantic innovation forum

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  • Start der 14. TTIP-Verhandlungsrunde

    28/05/2018 - Press release - European Economic Policy

    Minister Altmaier welcomes strengthening of the internal market for goods

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