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    27/05/2016 - Press release - Standards

    State Secretary Machnig: Strengthening German-Chinese cooperation on standardisation

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  • Robot hand, symbolising artificial intelligence

    Article - Key Enabling Technologies

    Article: Artificial intelligence

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  • People at computers, symbolising the EU SME Monitor; Source:

    Article - European Economic Policy

    Article: EU SME monitor

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  • Cover of the Flyer The Internet Governace Forum

    07/03/2019 - Publication - International Digital Policy

    Publication: The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) of the United Nations: a brief description

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    Article - Innovation Policy

    Article: Patents

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    24/01/2018 - Joint press release - International Digital Policy

    The Federal Economic Affairs Ministry and the Federal Ministry of the Interior continue dialogue with industry on the implementation of the European General Data Protection Regulation

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  • Employees working on computers in a warehouse, symbolising the issue of data protection

    05/10/2017 - Joint press release - International Digital Policy

    The Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs discuss new data protection legislation with industry

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  • Hacking symbolic of illegal content on the web

    06/09/2017 - Press release - Internet Policy

    Minister Zypries: “We need practical solutions for combating illegal content on the web”

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  • Washing Machine with label for energy efficiency

    28/07/2017 - Press release - Energy Efficiency

    State Secretary Baake: “New energy label with clear A-G scale an important source of information for consumers”

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  • Abstract illustration of the Internet, symbolic for Internet Governance

    19/07/2017 - Press release - International Digital Policy

    Germany is candidate to host 2019 Internet Governance Forum

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