SME Policy

  • Electrician at Work; Quelle: Getty Images/altrendo images

    Topic - Securing of Skilled Labour

    Safeguarding the supply of skilled labour

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  • Mexican and European flag

    23/04/2018 - Press release - Free Trade Agreements

    Press release: Minister Altmaier: “By modernising our trade agreement with Mexico, we are sending a strong message for free and fair global trade”

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  • Parliamentary State Secretary Thomas Bareiß (right) with the Nicaraguan Minister of Development, Trade and Industry, Orlando Solózano (left)

    23/04/2018 - Press release - Free Trade Agreements

    Press release: State Secretary Bareiß meets with Nicaraguan Trade Minister Solózano

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  • Parliamentary State Secretary Oliver Wittke (2nd row, middle) with the signatories of the Memorandum of Understanding

    19/04/2018 - Press release - Funding of SMEs

    Press release: State Secretary Wittke: “Team Germany is bringing start-ups from Germany and Thailand together.”

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  • Minister Altmaier (left) with Finnish Economic Affairs Minister Lintilä (right)

    13/04/2018 - Press release - International Cooperation

    Press release: Minister Altmaier meets with Finnish Economic Affairs Minister Lintilä

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  • Pipette and test tubes on innovation policy; Source: Getty Images/Andrew Brookes

    Topic - Innovation Policy

    Innovation Policy

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  • Bundeswirtschaftsministerium in Berlin

    11/04/2018 - Press release - Economic Policy

    Press release: New Commissioners and Coordinators for SMEs, Tourism, German Aerospace Policy and Maritime Industry

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  • Initiatives pour l’exportation; Source: Getty Images/DANNY HU

    Topic - Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment

    Export initiatives: Finding new markets

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  • Tourists and beach chairs symbolize Tourism; Source: mauritius images / imageBROKER / Hans Blossey

    Topic - Tourism Policy


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  • Cottbus University Library; Source: Rudi Sebastian

    Topic - The New Länder

    Creating equivalent living conditions in eastern and western Germany

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