Consumer Protection

  • Peter Altmaier

    19/12/2018 - Press release - Foreign Trade and Investment Law

    Strengthening our national security via improved investment screening

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  • Washing machine symbolizes product energy efficiency; Quelle: SusanneB

    Article - Energy Efficiency

    Article: Product Energy Efficiency

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  • Source:

    Article - Energy Efficiency

    Article: What consumers need to know

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  • Petrol station and petrol pump symbolise the Market Transparency Unit for Fuels (MTS); Source:

    Article - Energy prices and transparency for consumers

    Article: Market Transparency and Surveillance

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  • Messschiene symbolisch für das Thema Normen und Standards; Quelle:

    16/11/2018 - Press release - Standards

    Minister Altmaier: "Clearly defined, precise and internationally harmonised weights and measures are the precondition for a functioning world economy."

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  • Network cable on the subject of digital politics

    14/11/2018 - Press release - International Digital Policy

    Minister Altmaier: "European Electronic Communications Code lays foundations for Europe's digital future"

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  • German and Indian flag

    16/01/2018 - Press release - Standards

    Germany and India working together on standardisation, certification and market surveillance

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  • Free WLAN

    22/09/2017 - Press release - Internet Policy

    Minister Zypries: Way ahead clear for more public WiFi


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  • Washing Machine with label for energy efficiency

    28/07/2017 - Press release - Energy Efficiency

    State Secretary Baake: “New energy label with clear A-G scale an important source of information for consumers”

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  • Symbol image for roaming charges

    15/06/2017 - Press release - Internet Policy

    Minister Zypries: “Excellent news for consumers: No more roaming fees”

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