The Social Market Economy

Construction workerssymbolizes Social Market Economy; Quelle: Getty Images/Helen King

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  • Cottbus University Library; Source: Rudi Sebastian

    Article - The New Länder

    Article: Creating equivalent living conditions in eastern and western Germany

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  • Graph on the subject of Economic Development; Source:

    Article - Economic Situation and Cyclical Development

    Article: Economic and Cyclical Development

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  • Female entrepreneur on the subject of women in business; Quelle: Getty Images/Thomas Barwick

    Article - Women in Business

    Article: Strong women make a strong economy.

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  • Employee in a company symbolizes economy policy; Source: Getty Images/Monty Rakusen

    Article - Economic Policy

    Article: Boost the economy, safeguard the future

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  • Peter Altmaier

    19/12/2018 - Press release - Foreign Trade and Investment Law

    Strengthening our national security via improved investment screening

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  • Logo United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)

    Article - Tourism Policy

    Article: UNWTO

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  • Petrol station and petrol pump symbolise the Market Transparency Unit for Fuels (MTS); Source:

    Article - Energy prices and transparency for consumers

    Article: Market Transparency and Surveillance

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  • Messschiene symbolisch für das Thema Normen und Standards; Quelle:

    16/11/2018 - Press release - Standards

    Minister Altmaier: "Clearly defined, precise and internationally harmonised weights and measures are the precondition for a functioning world economy."

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  • Federal Minister Peter Altmaier and Liam Fox, UK’s Secretary of State for International Trade

    11/10/2018 - Press release - Trade Policy

    Minister Altmaier: “No country’s economy can survive on its own today.”

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  • Sources: BMWi/Susanne Eriksson

    11/10/2018 - Press release - Economic Situation and Cyclical Development

    Minister Altmaier: Upswing entering its 10th year – longest period of uninterrupted growth since 1966

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